View Full Version : Toshiba NB550D No sound from subwoofer

29.03.2011, 14:37
There was no sound play from the subwoofer of my nb550d (the speaker underside) although i turned the volume to maximum.
Any people met this problem and how can you fix it?


29.03.2011, 15:26
Hi mate

What subwoofer do you mean?
The NB550 does not support any subwoofers…

Some models are equipped with an speaker which is placed at the bottom of the unit but this is not a subwoofer… this speaker emits sound generated by software as well as audio alarms such a low battery condition, generated by system…

So usually you should hear just short beep sounds coming from this speaker.

29.03.2011, 15:56
Hi Kith,

I agree with Tonny. There is no subwoofer speaker on bottom side of the notebook.

NB550D is equipped with powerful and high quality Harman/kardon speakers they are placed on the upper side below the keyboard. That’s all and enough I think.

The speaker on bottom side plays only the PC beeps but that’s all.

03.04.2011, 07:18
thanks Tonny & Xardas

its because i've seen a review of nb550d and it is said that nb550 has a small subwoofer.

Yeah, i agree it is enough with 2 harman kardon speakers equipped.