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16.08.2005, 11:44
I've been given the task of sorting out a friendís Tecra 8000 laptop which is totally riddled with spyware and viruses. Having killed most of the infections I've backed up what I need to and decided the best course of action is an OS rebuild.

I don't know which OS to suggest he installs. Will ME install and make use of Win98 drivers or is this not advised (I have no experience with ME)?
Would XP be a better choice with its own drivers (have read posts on here that SP2 causes slow-downs though)?
With either of the above OS's will a Bios Update be necessary? If so does the 9.30-trad Bios update require a 500MHz + CPU? Will the Bios tell me the CPU speed?
I have found all info on how to install Bios updates; I'm just checking that I can install the 9.30-trad on a Tecra 8000 with a lower spec processor?

Many thanks,

16.08.2005, 12:40
I installed the 9.30 trad on my tecra 8000 233mhz with no problem. The europeen downloads have different bios updates voor the 500mhz and lower. The trad version is for the lower versions.
The american downloadsite only have 1 bios, the 9.30 for all the machines.
It confused me, so i took the 9.30 trad which is sure for all machines below the 500 mhz.

Good luck.... besides i installed winxp pro on it and it runs smooth, i only dissabeld a lot of services running in the background which wheren't used to free memory.

Greetings Rick

16.08.2005, 14:14
Thanks Rick.
Bios updates are all rather confusing on US site. I'd rather he had XP as it's newer and more robust than ME. Have you come across any issues with drivers for XP or does XP have all drivers needed?


16.08.2005, 14:25
Win XP had all the drivers, i didn't need to install anything. The only thing i did was installing the TVALD software from Toshiba for win 2000, this made me working an additional fan control program http://www.buzzard.me.uk/toshiba/windows.html .
My laptop is now working at 50 degrees celsius and i even can put it on my legs :)

16.08.2005, 15:09
Sweet! Thanks for the link - looks useful. Of course in the wrong hands could it not melt the processor? :)
I'll probably be back should I run into any difficulties.

many thanks,

16.08.2005, 22:09
well I have a tecra 8200 with Windows XP but when I installed the SP2, everything went wrong. It keeps rebooting itself and can't log to windows anymore. However before I installed the SP2, windows XP was running smooth and didn't have to update any drivers. then again, that might be the reason I am having this problem with SP2

17.08.2005, 11:03
I haven't even got that far. I can't update the BIOS as I don't have a floppy drive and I want to do this before I put XP on it. :(
I've tried the 'make a bootable cd in Nero trick' but the tecra 8000 doesn't read it. I hold the F12 key and switch on the machine. It goes to the BIOS update screen and asks to press any key. I press any key and it doesn't do squat with the CD. I've tried various boot sequences but none seem to make any difference.
Perhaps I've made the boot cd wrong? I just extracted the files to the floppy disk - thats what I gathered from the readme. Am I meant to extract the files to temp folder and run an executable to make the boot disk?
Or perhaps Tecra 8000 doesn't work with bootable CD?
Any help most appreciated. :)


17.08.2005, 12:22

First you have to create a bootle floppy, that image should be used to create the bootle cd-rom.

Good luck.

17.08.2005, 12:40
Hi slumpie,
I've tried to follow those instructions but the floppy image or the cd are wrong.
Can you tell me how you created your 9.30 bios floppy disk image? I'm just dragging and dropping the downloaded files to a non-bootable disk as the readme tells me to do. Is this wrong.
If not then it's the CD burning I'm doing wrong. Have you done a BIOS update from CD?


17.08.2005, 12:56

Try to use the 1116D930.EXE file, it is a Self-extracting diskette image of BIOS install diskette. Just drag and drop won't make a bootle diskette...

I have a diskette drive, so i could boot from a floppy... i never tried to make a booteble cd, wish you luck.

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17.08.2005, 13:15
Thank you slumpie. I have no idea how you found that file. I've been going to the downloads section but never found self extractors? I thought that would be the logical route, toshiba obviously think otherwise. :(
I will try that download this evening. You've been most helpful. :)