View Full Version : NB100 - Screen blank after HDD exchange

09.02.2011, 11:30
I've just changed the HD in my NB100 when I've put it all back together my screen isnt working!!

I've done this procedure many times with sucess but every other time I have never felt the need to unplug the 2 wires that connect my screen n now this time its just not cumin back on ive checked every thing else n all is fine except for this infuriating problem.

any ideas?

10.02.2011, 01:30
Is it actually booting in the background? (can you here Windows load and see HDD light activity?)

Or is it not booting/posting at all?

Does external monitor work ok?

10.02.2011, 10:14

As Akuma wrote: Does an external monitor work ok or is it black too?