View Full Version : Tecra 8200 hard drive upgrade problem

12.08.2005, 22:38
I'm trying to upgrade the hard drive in my Tecra 8200 from 10GB to 30GB. I used adapters to connect both the old and new laptop drives to my desktop, then used cloning software to copy the old drive contents to the new one, leaving the data on the old one. The old and new drives are formatted as FAT32. When I put the new drive in the laptop, it's not recognized. The BIOS setup screen says "No drive".

I tried 2 different cloning programs, and tried cloning the new drive using an external USB enclosure connected to the laptop, with the original drive mounted in the laptop. Still no good. I went through the whole thing again with a 20GB drive that I use in the external enclosure, and that is not recognized either. Both the 30GB and 20GB are recognized, and can be read by, by 2 different desktop PC's, so I'm prety sure the drives are OK. The 8200 BIOS won't recognize them, and there doesn't seem to be a way to force the BIOS to detect the drives.

I thought that the 8200 would support larger drives, but it's not looking too good. Hopefully it's something obvious that I've overlooked.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

14.08.2005, 22:04

As far as I know your Tecra should be able to recognize 30 GB HDD. Maybe the BIOS update can solve the problem. Please on Toshiba download page if there is the latest available BIOS update.



26.08.2005, 23:28
I already have BIOS version 1.06, which I believe is the latest issue, running in the Tecra.

After trying 2 Toshiba hard drives without success because the BIOS would not recognize them, I tried a Hitachi 30GB drive, model DK23EA-30, and it works. All of the drives were configured as master, with no jumper. Both Toshiba drives work in an external USB enclosure, and they work when connected to a desktop PC using a 44-pin to 40-pin IDE adapter, so I don't think they're faulty. They just won't work with this laptop. At this point, I can't explain why 2 Toshiba hard drives will not work in a Toshiba laptop, while a Hitachi drive will. The original drive in the machine was an IBM 10GB, which also worked OK.

My advice to anyone who stumbles across this post is this: If you're thinking about upgrading the hard drive in your Toshiba laptop, at least the Tecra 8200, be real wary of trying to use a Toshiba hard drive.

29.08.2005, 22:32
If you are upgrading the hard drive in a Toshiba Tecra 8200, don't get a Toshiba drive with a Compaq part number.

I have now tried 3 different hard drives made by Toshiba in my Toshiba Tecra 8200 laptop; two 20GB drives, and one 30GB drive. One of the 20GB drives works, and the other 2 are not recognized by the BIOS.

I tried contacting both the laptop support division and the storage division of Toshiba to find out if there is any way to tell from the drive part number if it is compatible with a Toshiba laptop. The storage division suggested that I call the laptop division, and they told me that the only way to be sure of getting a compatible drive is to buy it from Toshiba Direct.

The two drives that do not work both have Compaq part numbers at the bottom of the label, even though the drives are made by Toshiba. The drive that does work does not have a Compaq part number.

I contacted the Toshiba storage division tech support again, and they confirmed that a Toshiba drive that is confiqured for a Compaq computer will not work in a Toshiba computer, but they would not go into any more detail. Again, if you are upgrading the hard drive in a Toshiba Tecra 8200, don't get a Toshiba drive with a Compaq part number.