View Full Version : NB550 - How much can you upgrade the RAM ?

01.02.2011, 00:10

I have just ordered the Netbook NB 550.

I am aware these machines work better with a RAM upgrade. The manual suggests 2 GB is possible. A youtube review in Asia suggested that the machine would take a 4 GB module?

Very hard to find any information on this - can anyone please help?

01.02.2011, 10:02
Hi biffo4444,

I think this is depending on your exact NB-model. What part number does it have?

With the part number you can check the Toshiba website how much RAM you can add but if the user manual says 2GB is possible, itís the maximum capacity. Probably other models in Asia can handle 4GB RAMÖ

01.03.2011, 15:58
I've just bought this model in the UK. I've ordered a 4GB memory module. 1066 ddr3

The reason that it says you can only upgrade to 2GB is because Win7 starter only recognises this amount. So you'll have to install the full version of Win 7 or another OS that can recognise 4GB.

I'm still waiting for the module but see no reason why this won't work, other people have done it on their review systems.

18.03.2011, 07:28
I think 2GB is max for mini notebooks.

25.03.2011, 13:06
I wasn't too pleased with windows 7 starter.

I upgraded to 4GB ram and intsalled home premium 32, much better. but it only uses about 2.7GB of the Ram
Then I tried win 7 ultimate 64.

It works great and is noticeably quicker. There are still a few problems in that not all drivers are available but all the essential ones are like catalyst drivers. I hope Toshiba release 64bit drivers for this laptop soon.

25.03.2011, 13:08
Carny thank you for this useful info.
Can you please tell us which RAM modules you have used for upgrade?
Can you maybe post exact part number?

Jim Walch
16.11.2011, 14:42
I tried to upgrade my memory on NB550D to 2 GB with a DDR3 1066 module). The BIOS recognizes this, but not the OS---I've tried with both W7 and Ubuntu 11.10.

Any suggestions?

16.11.2011, 17:19
> The BIOS recognizes this, but not the OS---I've tried with both W7 and Ubuntu 11.10.
What does this means exactly? How did you check this?
Start the DirectX using command *dxdiag* and check the memory there.

Jim Walch
16.11.2011, 19:56
The computer won't boot. But the system config in the BIOS menu recognizes that there is 2 GB memory installed.