View Full Version : NB200 - Skipping when typing

24.01.2011, 07:20
I have an NB200 notebook and it tends to skip lines when typing. Sometimes it will go to where the mouse pointer may be located other times it seems to be random. Is this someone else has had a problem with and is it something that is a warranty issue before it runs out.


24.01.2011, 12:20

Disable the touchpad while typing.
I had the same issue and I noticed that I have touched the touchpad surface accidentally while typing and therefore the cursor jumped to another place.

25.01.2011, 14:45
Hi Tonny,

Thanks for the note. I have been quite conscious not to be anywhere near the touchpad but it still seems to happen. Can you explain how to disable the touchpad?


25.01.2011, 14:49
To disable the touchpad you have to press FN + F9
How about BIOS version? Do you use the latest one?