View Full Version : NB200-10G - recovery process has failed - Setenv.ini issue

08.01.2011, 12:05
Hello, I have a problem with my netbook.
I want to recovery my windows with bundled windows xp operating system in my harddisk, but this recovery process has been failed.
On the Recovery GUI (RecoGUI) screen appear a message box and a message :

"ERROR: Setenv file D:\Setenv.ini or X:\tools\Setenv.ini not found!"

has written on it.

then me tried to change the SATA Controller Mode in BIOS, from AHCI to Compatibility.
But this change does'nt have effect.
That error message still appear when I tried to recovery and i don't have a recovery disc.

what should i do ?

08.01.2011, 17:04
That’s pity mate…
Seems something went wrong with the HDD partition and HDD recovery procedure.
From my point of view there is not much to do…

If the HDD recovery does not work, then you can install the OS only using an disk.
Either you will use an Toshiba Recovery disk or a common Windows disk.

Recovery disk can be ordered here:

By the way; you will need an USB CD/DVD drive in order to install the OS from the disk.