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04.01.2011, 19:37

I have my little NB200 since 10 months and everything work properly til the other day.

I never turn off the computer, I use to close it and suspend it. The other day the battery was empy and the computer were suspended so I connect the AC to the computer and everything looks right except for the screen is not turned on,

I reboot the computer and the screen didn´t turn on even at the beginning with the bios test. I connected and external monitor and everything is OK, I can see everything but the screen in the laptop continues black.
After one hour or so of using the external monitor, the laptop screen turns on and everything goes right again.

I was thinking that the problem could be some kind of issue with the driver so I recovery to the default state my computer.

5 days ago, the problem appears again. The computer had the battery empty and it was suspended. I connect the AC and I wait for an hour o so and in comes again, but this time, even with the AC connected, after 15 minutos of no using, the screen goes black (as I have configured) but never turn on again. I have to wait again.

Please I need some help because i was thinking that the problem could be the screen. The connection to the screen looks well because if I move the screen does not go on and off.

What could I do?

Thank you so much,

09.01.2011, 13:54
Hi jenriquegb,

To be honest it’s hard to say something but I think it must be a hardware malfunction if you have already recovered Windows to factory settings…
Either it’s a FL inverter malfunction or internal display itself… Theoretically it could be also caused from mainboard…

In my opinion you should contact an authorized service provider. The guys can check your notebook and make an exact diagnostic… If your notebook is under warranty, repair is for free. :)