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Steve0 B
08.08.2005, 15:05

My Tecra 9100 won't boot up at all. The Battery and Hard Drive led's light up but the machine won't power up and the cpu fan etc. don't power on. I'm not sure if something has burnt out on the main board etc. that would stop it booting to the bios.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

08.08.2005, 15:20

you can try to load BIOS defaults with pressing ESC at startup and then press HOME key to load defaults!

If the Tecra9100 stops at Toshiba In Touch with tomorrow screen you can play it sure that your mainboard is broken!


Steve0 B
10.08.2005, 14:30
Thanks Rudi68,

Unfortunately I can't even get that far. When you press the power button the led lights up to show it is powered on but nothing happens. The cpu fan doesn't spin and the bios doesn't boot up. I got this laptop from a friend who I think may have overheated it but I don't know if the motherboard is dead, or if it is the memory or cpu that may have been fried. I'm pretty good with computers but no electrician so I don't know how I can narrow down the problem. The battery led and the harddrive led light up when it is powered on aswell.

any help would again be much appreciated.

10.08.2005, 14:47
Hello Steve

Sorry but if there is no any kind of reaction and if you are not able to enter BIOS settings that indicate onto serious hardware problem. On this way it is not possible to say what the problem is. Unfortunately I donít see any solution there and I assume that unit must be sent to service partner.

Steve0 B
10.08.2005, 15:10
Thanks Anyway.