View Full Version : Tecra 9100: sound card is not listed in device manager

06.08.2005, 05:31
I have a toshiba 9100 laptop which does not show me the sound card in the device manager.

I have recently changed the laptop's bobdy and am using a working hard drive which used to work fine with my old laptop which was the same model and sound also used to work fine with that one. but since i changed by laptop the sound just does not work.

I also tried to install all the latest drivers as i am running windows xp sp2 and there are drivers available which have a fix for this os. But when i try and install the drivers it always ends up with a WARNING message "Drivers are not Installed".

I have tried to see if there is any other way in which i can configure my sound but it is just not working.

Please help!!!



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08.08.2005, 15:49
Hello Jimit

If the sound card is not listed in device manager the explanation is very simple. The sound card doesnít exist for the OS. Either is card defective or not connected properly.

Contact service partner and let them check the unit. Sorry but in this case I donít see other solution.