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22.11.2010, 04:48
My NB200 turned moody exactly 10 days after the warranty expired. Initially it did not reboot, I had to turn it off and back on. Now is not always turning on when I press the power button, actually it shows green lights for the power button but nothing more, it just freezes there.

Does anyone has experience the same, any solutions? I went through the self-diagnosis in the Toshiba site and it recommended me to take it to a service shop. In practical terms. Being this NB200 a $350 unit, shall I better get a new computer? maybe a more reliable one this time? suggestions will be appreciated.

22.11.2010, 19:52

In my opinion this doesn’t mean that this is a bad device… you know… system issues happens and this is nothing unusual.

Last week a friend of mine has called me because the notebook (not from Toshiba) didn’t boot up… just a black screen appeared with linking cursor… the MBR (master boot record) has been muddled up in some way… new installation helped…

Anyway… back to your issue;
Try this; remove battery, disconnect AC adaptor and leave the notebook for a longer time (>4 hours). Then connect both parts and try to power up the unit.
If possible check if you can start BIOS (press F2 while booting up the unit).

Additionally you should try to press f8 at the beginning and then choose option “repair my computer” which leads to HDD recovery.

Hopefully you could choose this…

23.11.2010, 03:25
Thanks for that quick reply. I'll give it a try post back results.

By the way, I bought simultaneously two identical netbooks, the twin works just fine.

26.11.2010, 13:17
Hi guys,
I have got the same netbook and the same problem :(
only difference is mine is only 8months old so should still be covered by warranty (should as i've upgraded RAM which most likely killed warranty :( ..)..

K_7 have you had any luck with any of Paolo's suggestions?

I've tried unplugging power cord /taking the battery off but didn't leave it that way for 'a long time' simply got rid of residual charge - no luck .. putting the 4h+ method to test now..

F8-ing during start up didn't do anything, when it doesn't boot, it does nothing

I've run all the system diagnostics i could get my hands on (registry scanners, disc check etc) and all comes up ok

I've tried booting it in diagnostic start up mode - no luck

My problems started when i uninstalled avast antivirus - could there be any connection? Is is worth reversing changes (and dumping Kaspersky) with system restore or would this be more of a coincidence?

Can you pls confirm whether HDD recovery deletes all the data on the computer or just repairs OS?

Paolo you suggested F2 and starting BIOS - anything in particular to look for once i get there?

Suggestions much appreciated!

Not much of a consolation but I've found another thread with more NB200 users having the same problem - sadly no one seems to have found/shared a solution :

26.11.2010, 17:42
> By the way, I bought simultaneously two identical netbooks, the twin works just fine.
This means that this was a bad luck with the OS or HDD.

> Can you pls confirm whether HDD recovery deletes all the data on the computer or just repairs OS?
From my knowledge the HDD recovery sets the notebook back to factory settings.
Which means that the partition where the OS was installed would be deleted and everything would be reinstalled again…so you will lose the files stored on the HDD.

26.11.2010, 22:10
@Paolo - FYI ignore my prev question - can't get into BIOS. if it refuses to boot it responds to perfectly nothing, seems as if the system failed to start at all
tried removing the battery for the whole day and work until the first restart.. now laptop off again with no way to get it back on

@Tonny - re HDD recovery thnx for confirming i thought so..
a faulty HDD is a not a likely cause if disk check shows no errors, or am i wrong?

has anyone had any luck with HDD recovery resolving this issue?

Also has anyone contacted Toshiba about this or had similar problems: I can't get through to their contact/support page - been trying for a week now :@

06.12.2010, 16:19
Advice from Toshiba - their solution didn't help me, but someone might find it useful:

+The problem you report could be consistent with the laptop being stuck in a corrupted hibernation state. The typical symptom of this is the system starting to a blank screen with F2 and F12 not being available.(...) If the battery goes completely flat when the laptop is left in a hibernation state this can cause such corruption.+

+Power cycle instructions are as follows:+
+Make sure machine is switched off+
+Remove the mains power lead+
+Remove the battery from the bottom of the machine+
+Press and hold the 'Power On' switch for 20 seconds (this ensures there is no residual charge on the system keeping it in a hibernation state).+
+Reconnect to mains power+
+Check mains power indicator light is lit (if it isn't then the ac adapter may be faulty)+
+Switch machine on+
+If it now starts to a Windows Error Recovery screen then select Start Normally.+
+Put the battery back in+
+This process ensures that the laptop starts from cold rather than attempting to resume from a previous hibernation state.+

+There are Power Options that can be changed to alter the way the system behaves on actions such as shutting the lid. To investigate these Power Options use these instructions for Windows XP.+
+Click on Start button and select Control Panel+
+If Control Panel is in Category View (you will see Pick a category in a large font) then click on the link on the left had side to Switch to Classic View.+
+Now double click on Power Options+
+On the Power Schemes tab you can select the Power scheme from a drop down list. It is possible to change to the scheme Always On which will prevent hibernation (click on Apply to select) - this would not normally be selected on a laptop as the battery life will be shorter if laptop is left on unused. Alternatively individual options can be changed from here. For example - 'System Standby' whilst 'Running on batteries' can be switched to Never.+
+On the Advanced tab you can alter the behaviour of the computer when the lid is closed - to 'Stand by', 'Hibernate' or 'Do nothing'.+
+On the Hibernate tab you can turn off hibernation altogether. Clear the tick in the Enable Hibernation Checkbox.+