View Full Version : Internal microphone issue NB300

11.10.2010, 11:24
Have recently been using Skype and MSN and everything worked fine.
Then tried to download audio files from dctaphone using microphone socket again seems to work ok.

However now microphone on NB300 barely audible on receiving machines.
Screen surround ultra sensitive and high pitched feedback occasionally.

Have downloaded video downlaods but no significant improvement.
Concerned it may be hardware not software.
Toshiba machine diagnostics dont identify a problem.

Any help appreciated as not too technically minded.

11.10.2010, 14:06

I’m not quite sure if I understood you right, but it seems that you have noticed an sound feedback coming from speakers and mic… right?
I noticed this on my A600 unit… you should disable the microphone volume in the speakers properties.

Take a look here:

Hope this can help you

13.10.2010, 11:58
Sorry for the delay in responding. Did as you suggested and ensured the settings were as shown on the website address you supplied. I have also restored system to a previous restore point which seems to have fixed the microphone issue but now they cannot receive video stream and video images not seen on my machine. Probably need to do some more tinkering. It is a shame that there is no way to record the system settings at a particular time so that in order to regularise the position you can reset manually.

Any way thank you again for your assistance