View Full Version : NB200 - Hardware issues

02.10.2010, 20:08
I have a new NB200.

I have had it since aug this year, from new it has had a problem when it is moved, particularly when you hold the bottom right hand corner. Occassionally the screen had fuzzy lines running down it and the machine freezes.

It doesnt do it all the time, I have sent it back to toshiba, they ran a few tests...overheat, screentest and returned saying no hardware fault found.

I cannot access the warranty forum and I'm unsure what to do now.

06.10.2010, 03:54
Sounds like there is a loose connection.

Are you able to bring the NB200 into an ASP personally and show them the problem in person so they can see the fault?

06.10.2010, 09:43

I agree with the user above. For me it sounds like a loose connection too.

I would also recommend visiting an authorized service provider and show them the problem in person. Iím sure they will agree with you and fix the problem as fast as possible.

From my own experience I can say that the technicians are really friendly people and itís always interesting to talk with them a little bit. In my case I had to wait only few days until they repaired it. :)

20.10.2010, 20:34
This has now been resolved!!!

I am in the UK, and was told the machine can only go to a service agent in germany, i bounced it back to them, enclosed print outs of screenshots, and a diagram and letter with details of roughly where i thought the fault was.

It was returned to me 7 days later, the repair paperwork says 'new mainboard fitted'

Its all now working fine!!!