View Full Version : Unable to access TSetup on my Tecra 8200

31.07.2005, 12:56
I replaced the original Win98 installation with WinXP Pro on my Tecra 8200. I am now unable to access TSetup. I have tried to reinstall the original win98 from the restore cd but the CD will not run.

I need to access TSetup in order to enable the correct settings for S-Video so that I can view my stored photos on my TV.

What can I do to renewable TSetup access?

01.08.2005, 20:15
Hello, since a couple of days I have a Tecra 8100.
Try the following:
switch the notebook off
press ESC and switch it on

After seeing the TOSHIBA sign you can depress ESC.

You should be ordered to press F1

The you hopefully are in the BIOS without the setup programm which is also mentioned in my manual, but is not on the computer.
Best regards

01.08.2005, 20:17
I forgot...

If you need other settings beside the BIOS, in WINOWS 2000 you find them under system settings. Don't know what the name is under XP.