View Full Version : NB200 - Network connection doesn't run

21.09.2010, 12:08

we have 40 nb200 running xp pro connected to our domain. The network connections don't seem to be running. The wireless card is a Atheros AR9285 and Realteak PCIe FE Family controller. In device manager ther is also a Realteak PCIe FE Family controller - Wireless Intermediate Driver which has a yellow ! over in. I can't removed this.
I have done a system restore which allowed the connections to work for less than a week and we have the same issue again. We have also disable automatic updates.

Has anyone else had this issue? Anyone got a solution?

many thanks Tom

21.09.2010, 15:03
Ho tomc85,

Well, thatís really strange but in my opinion if this only happens after some days, a program or any updates are blocking the LAN connection.

I donít know what programs you have installed but fact is if after recovery installation everything works, itís not a Toshiba related issue.
So check your Windows updates, AntiVirus, Firewall, etc. for problems. Maybe you can find something.