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20.09.2010, 23:44

I put a new system on my NB200. before I had window xp home (oem-version). I did a format of the xp-system and put windows 7 on. I installed all new driver but my webcam does not work. There is no entry in the hardware-manager.

Why can´t I see the webcam in the hardware manager? The newest driver is installed. the only missing hardware which is shown is "bluetooth-peripheriegerät".

When I started the webcam software it says that webcam is not activated. Is there a way to activate it?

Is it broken?

plz help, thanks!

21.09.2010, 01:56
Update the BIOS to the latest version, and then check the settings in the BIOS. Maybe the webcam is disabled.

If its still not working, then you may be missing important drivers, the Intel Chipset Driver for example.

21.09.2010, 02:58
...thanks for your help, i did an update to the latest bios version, but there is no entry to activate a webcam. i will try to update the chipset driver and post the result...

21.09.2010, 05:56
...does not work, a message pops up that says, that the webcam is deactivated oder broken. i think, it´s realy broken...

21.09.2010, 06:04
...does not work, when i start the toshiba application software a message pops up that says, that the webcam is deactivated or broken i tried a win 7 (32bit) reinstall, put on new drivers, chipsets, bios, etc. perhaps the win 7 driver from toshiba are not properly developed? but there is still one application in the app manager, that is shown as unknown. maybe it´s the cam, maybe not.

i think, it´s realy broken...

21.09.2010, 07:51
Since you have Win7 installed, you need to install a Win7 version of the webcam driver. Grab the driver from a newer model with a webcam, such as the NB300, or maybe even the Satellite P500.

21.09.2010, 08:22
Hi amoebe,

It would be interesting to know what version (32 or 64bit) you have installed. Did you install webcam driver for Windows Vista or Windows 7?

As Akuma wrote you need a Windows 7 version of webcam driver. If you can’t find it for NB200, check downloads for NB300 or another notebook model that supports Windows 7. Usually these webcam drivers should also work on your notebook.

21.09.2010, 12:39
...i have windows 7 32bit and i tried the drivers (there is only the application software when i search for windows 7 32bit driver) for windows 7. webcam is not found.

i will try the drivers of the other nb versions for windows 7 an post the results...

21.09.2010, 23:49
i tried the windows 7 32bit drivers of nb200, nb300, nb305 and satelite. nothing but a message that says, the cam is not activated or broken.

i think, i contact the support or does someone has an other idea?

thanks for help so far!

24.09.2010, 16:11
Hi,I dont now if I stupid but dont now how to ask the question!
I have the same problem on toshiba L500-1QE,when I start cam pops up message-CHEK YOUR CAMERA DEVICE AND RESTART APPLICATION OR COMPUTER!
I update driver,restart everything,but nothing.
Yesterday cam was workink normaly today nothing!Please help,thx!