View Full Version : Windows 7 on a NB100

05.09.2010, 15:00
I am wanting to replace the linux system on my NB100 with Windows - either XP or 7, but cannot get it to fully load without getting a Blue screen failure notice halfway through installation. Any ideas? ?:|

06.09.2010, 08:38
Theoretically, Linux can be a trouble maker... You should format all hard drive partitions including with Linux. try this

06.09.2010, 18:19
I too have had a troublesome time putting xp onto nb100

I don't know about Windows 7 but is your xp disc an original or does it have service pack 3 slipstreamed onto it.

I'm asking because my original disc also comes up with blue error screens

09.09.2010, 10:33
Thanks. Not being that famliar with Linux, I tried to find the normal 'Format' command, but had no luck. Can you say what commands I need to use?

09.09.2010, 10:35
I have been using an original Windows 7 disc