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15.08.2010, 15:59
I'm a mainframe person with some windows experience, but I am an Ubuntu/Linux virgin.

I was aked by a relative to see if I could sort out a Toshiba NB100 11R with Ubuntu remix loaded. The touchpad was no longer working.

I assumed it was a driver problem, so found my way to the drivers. I couldn't get any further, it was password protected. The relatives didn't know the password or even that a password had been set.

As they had the recovery disk and I had an external dvd drive, I decided to do a full recovery.
The recovery failed.

When I tried to boot the NB100, I got a GRUB error 2.

I tried the recover disk again, this time I got error 20107, I can't find this documented anywhere.

I also managed to get a boot menu at one point, which gave me the option of booting Ubuntu, or recovering. I chose the recover option, this failed with "cannot open root device SDA2 or unknown block".

I downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 netbook edition and tried to boot the NB100, this failed with a multitude of read errors.

I re-booted with the Ubuntu 10.04 netbook, this time it worked. I chose the try Ubuntu option. Ubuntu loaded.

So that's where I am at the moment, I've managed to load Ubuntu running from the DVD drive. The NB100 hard drive seems to be ok. The touch pad is working. I can't recover from the dvd drive or the boot recovery option.

As I said I'm an Ubuntu virgin, I don't know what to do from here.

What I want to do is recover to factory condition, I'm still getting error 20107 when I try to use the recover disk.

Can anybody help?


15.08.2010, 20:33
Well.. It seems the recovery files related to Ubuntu in the "FileSystem" are damaged. And the GRUB loader is severely damaged as well. Error 20107 means that the recovery can no longer be initiated. That error happened to me before but when I tried to recover my database on MySQL. I don't know how is this related.

Anyway, since you can access the partitions from the Live CD, If I were you, you can get an External Hard Disk and backup all the data onto that Drive. And Install a new version of the Ubuntu Netbook Remix 10.04 that you've downloaded . You can Install it from the Favorites when you boot from the DVD by "Install Ubuntu Netbook Edition". When it comes to partitioning, Choose the option to Erase all the Hard disk. That will install a new system with new GRUB loader as well but Erasing all the data on the netbook hard drive. From this point you can start the recovery from the Recovery Disc. I know this is a long solution. But to be sure if the problem is from the recovery CD or the system itself.

But one question, Does your NB100 come with an Ubuntu Recovery Disk ? Toshiba notebooks always have problems with Linux Based OSes :S

If you need more help, I am here. I worked with Linux systems for about 2 years but not as much as Windows ofc.

16.08.2010, 18:20
Hello McLord,
thanks for the reply.

Yes, I'm using theToshiba Recovery disc - Ubuntu Netbook Remix. When it starts I get two options, recover or format the hard drive. I didn't want to format the hard drive because I think there is a hidden recovery partition and wasn't sure if this would be deleted by the formatting and so compromise the recovery.

So does this alter your previous advice? Can I format the hard drive using the recovery disk and then the recovery should work?



16.08.2010, 21:13
Look at geteasypeasy.com. Easypeasy is ubuntu 10.4 + codecs, skype, picasa .....
Works fantastic on the NB100 11R.


16.08.2010, 23:35
Hello aol,

and when you use the Toshiba Recovery Disc and try to recover, you get error 20107 or the recovery fails, right ?

My NB250 doesn't come with a hidden recovery partition, but the recovery data was in the second partion and I was asked to back them up on USB stick using Toshiba Backup creator, however; I don't know about the NB100, though my Qosmio X300 had one with about 1.43GB.

Anyways, we can check if there is a recovery partition or not. Boot form your UNR 10.04 LiveCD and go to Applications > System tools > Gparted. It is partitioning tool that will show you all the partitions on your hard disk. You can post a screenshot for use here (Applications > Accessories > Take Screenshot.). So I can tell you if there is a recovery partition or not.

{color:#ff0000}IF THERE IS NOT{color}, You have nothing to lose now. You can try to format using the Recovery Disc and see what happens. If it failed, You will need to fomart using the UNR 10.04 disc, then try to recover using the Recovery Disc afterward. If it failed, you have nothing to but to search for the drivers and install installs them manually. (sometimes this is pain in the a**)

{color:#008000}IF THERE IS A RECOVERY PARTITION{color}, try reading this PDF file, http://cdgenp01.csd.toshiba.com/content/support/downloads/PMA500339010_web.pdf. You can access it and try to initiate a recovery using it.

I hope everything goes smoothly

Good luck

17.08.2010, 16:40
Hell All,

ok, tried to get the Ubuntu Live loaded from the cd a few times, but it kept failing. Multitudes of read errors, hangs etc. Got kicked into BASH several times, I didn't know it was BASH until I entered a random command and it came up with a BASH error. Looked up BASH commands and tried a few, took me back to CP/M and DOS.

Wasn't sure if this was a now cd problem or a DVD drive problem.

Decided to run the recovery disk again to see if it would kick start the Ubuntu live. The recovery worked!

So now I have the NB100 back to it's factory condition, with no idea what the problems were or what tripped in the recovery.

Now that I've seen Ubuntu, it's a long way forward from when I had a small dabble with Linux quite a few years back. I think I'll install it and have a play.

Anyway, thanks for all the help. Although I feel a bit cheated that I didn't get to try a few of your solutions and so don't really have any idea what was going on.

Many thanks again.

Best regards


17.08.2010, 21:11
I am glad for you that everything turned out well. :)