View Full Version : Tecra 9100 + external Keyboard

28.07.2005, 11:21
I've a problem with a Tecra 9100. I want to use it with a docking station and external mouse & keyboard.
The keyboard doesn't work, if i put it in the docking station, but the mouse is okay.
I changed some options in bios, than the keyboard works...after reboot it doesn't work.
so i always have to go in bios first, if i want to use the keyboard. but strangely is, that i needn't change something in biso, just join and left, than the keyboard works.

have someone an idea what i could do?


28.07.2005, 11:26
Hi paul

It is very interesting. Can you please explain what must be changed in BIOS settings?

28.07.2005, 11:35
i changed:

-USB Legacy Emulation from "Enable" in "Disable"


-Device Config from "Setup by OS" in "All Divices"

31.08.2005, 10:22

I really donít know why this happen but you didnít mention how is your keyboard and mouse connected to the docking station (wireless or cable). I have Tecra M1 and use docking station, external keyboard and mouse (wireless). I have installed the software that I got with keyboard and everything works perfect.