View Full Version : NB200-122 win 7 GPS compatibility

25.07.2010, 16:03
Hi all,

I upgraded from WXP to Win 7 and am very satisfied with it.

I had a problem with the connection manager. Paupau solved it for me.I thought I had all compatibility issues solved. I noticed today that I have one small (hopefully last) issue. The connections manager tells me that GPS is not supported. I found a driver in the Toshiba Win 7 site but it didn't help.

Can anyone help please?

27.07.2010, 02:25
Which GPS device are you using?

Is it a USB Device?

28.07.2010, 18:52
The NB200-122 has an internal GPS device. I used it with Windows XP. Says it is not supported under Win 7.