View Full Version : NB305 - Will not boot after memory upgrade

23.07.2010, 22:24
Have just bought 2GB memory upgrade for Toshiba NB305-106 and it does not work. Machine will not boot - have reverted back to 1GB module.

Have just read a post about memory upgrade issues - various users having issues and that they have used Crucial memory without any problems. - Is this true?
Anyone got any advise?

26.07.2010, 11:20
Hi ian123,

If the netbook doesn’t boot with additional memory module that means this module is not compatible and you need another one.

It would be interesting to know which module you bought exactly and which specifications it has.
Can you post this information?

Generally speaking I have good experience with Kingston modules…

27.07.2010, 02:26
Is the RAM Module DDR2 800MHz?

Other speeds may not work properly.

Also, "Value" RAM can have compatibility problems on some PC's.

Gre K
09.08.2011, 00:19
I tried Crucial 2GB 204- PIN DDR3 256MX64 SODIMM PC3-8500 CL7, also tried the CORSAIR CM3X2GSD1066, for my NB305-10F netbook . None of these two memories worked.

09.08.2011, 08:05
Hi buddy,

And have you already tested original Toshiba RAM modules from an authorized service provider? They can sell you pretested modules.

Not all memory modules are compatible with all computers. I think it’s just a compatibility issue so I would take modules from an ASP.

11.08.2011, 03:38
Does that RAM Module have RAM chips on both sides?

The Intel Atom Chipset has a limited amount of DDR3 RAM channels, so you need to use single bank/channel RAM (RAM with chips on just one side).

I had a quick look on the Toshiba website, they recommend using:

Toshiba: PA3856U-1M2G
Kingston: KTT1066D3S/2G

I'm not sure if Crucial and Corsair sell similar RAM.