View Full Version : After new OS installation my Tecra 8000 runs very slow

25.07.2005, 01:01
I did a format and installation of windows WXP sp2 on my Tecra 8000. Now it is very slow loading the desktop. Did I miss reinstalling something?
I do not have the system restore disk, just WXP.

25.07.2005, 21:15

if you have the Tools and Driver CD search for a html file. There is the installation order for a new system!

Also you should download the Windows SP2 update description and check if there is some information for the tecra 8000.

did you installed the Toshiba Power tool because this tool is responsible for the CPU speed stepping and if your notebook runs very slow...

Try it!

26.07.2005, 01:42
I did not install anything but windows xp sp2. I do not have a restore disk or the Toshiba Power tool. Can anyone lead me in the right direction?

28.07.2005, 14:21
Hello wkerns

It is well known that some desktops and notebooks as well will determine a drastic performance loss after the installation of XP SP 2.check also this article http://www.dvhardware.net/article3135.html .

I have the same situation with My Satellite P10. The unit need about 20 seconds longer before I am able to use operating system. I really donít know what can be done to make it better. I have read that the processor driver should be exchanged with processor drivers used before SP2. I didnít try it yet.