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17.07.2010, 08:01
We have recently purchased a number of NB250-10G Netbooks, some have been ordered with 2GB of memory and some with 1GB. For a few 1GB machines, upgrade 2GB modules have been purchased to retrospectively upgrade them to 2GB (Correct DDR3 Toshiba Kingston KTT1066D3/2G).

When the memory upgrade is installed, when the netbook is started it switches on, then switches off, then switches on - this cycle continues. I have tried many KTT1066D3/2G modules and all do the same in any NB250-10G netbooks that were shipped with 1GB.

_All_ 2GB modules work in _all_ NB250-10G's purchased with 2GB. _No_ 2GB modules work in _any_ NB250-10G's purchased with 1GB.

Both the NB250-10Gs supplied with 1GB and 2GB have same bios version (1.3) and bios settings.

After a quick web search this is a known issue.

Please Help?

Many thanks

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20.07.2010, 07:33
Perhaps there is a compatibility problem with that Kingston Memory.

Have you tried installing one of those original Toshiba 2GB Modules in those NB250's that came with 1GB?

20.07.2010, 10:28
Hi GarethStears,

I think Akuma is right and there is a compatibility problem between NB250 and this typ of Kingston memory.

Have you tested original, pretested Toshiba modules from an authorized service provider?

20.07.2010, 11:32
The Kingston memory is what comes in the NB250-10G if you order it with 2GB preinstalled. We have had many arrive with 2GB that work fine and all use the same Kingston module that does not work when upgrading a 1GB model...identical ram!

Tried the original 2GB modules in many 1GB NB250's and none work

~Many thanks


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20.07.2010, 12:54
please check, if the new RAM modules are DDR3 type or DDR2 type. In case you are trying to install DDR3 type - please check for latest BIOS update (version 1.50 ?). Earlier BIOS version does not support DDR3 but only DDR2 modules. At least this is the case with the Toshiba NB305 netbooks. Maybe this info will help you.
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20.07.2010, 17:26
Yes it is the correct 2GB DDR3 module as all the other NB250-10G's WITH 2GB preinstalled come with. Both the 1GB and 2GB supplied NB250-10G's come with Phoenix SecureCore System Bios V1.30.

As I mentioned everything is identical other than the fact the netbooks with 2GB preinstalled work and the ones with 1GB preinstalled do not.

Many thanks


09.01.2011, 13:46
I cant see how it could possibly be a compatibility issue as in the first post e says the ram works in the units that came preinstalled with 2GB modules are the bios versions that same on the 1GB and 2GB machines have you tried the 2GB ram modules from the 2GB machines in any of the 1GB machines

18.02.2011, 21:05

I have the same problem. the ram is a Samsung 1GB installed a 2MB Samsung to install.

This should be answered by Toshiba.
This is the 4th Toshiba I have had & always buy Toshiba.

02.03.2011, 12:24
I had a similar problem with my NB100 and someone insiunated that I look up the compatibility on Kingstons website.
So for your NB250-10G, the KTT1066D3 does not seem to be supported while the KTT1066D3S is.
Subtle difference though. Hope i'm not mistaken...




02.03.2011, 20:11
The memory for NB250-10G needs to be a DDR3 "Single-Rank" module - Dual-Rank modules will not work

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22.03.2012, 16:41
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