View Full Version : NB200-122 Win 7 compatibility / Chicony Camera Assistance Software

16.07.2010, 18:53
I upgraded the OS of my NB200-122 from WXP to Win7 Pro. I am delighted with the new OS. Almost everything that I could do with the XP, I can do better with Win7. Expect for the Chicony Camera Assistant Software.

After a thorough research on the web, I take it that it is not possible to use the internal camera.

Am I right or are there workarounds to utilize it?

16.07.2010, 19:38

Chicony software does not depend on notebook model.
Choose the Chicony software for Win7 which was released for other notebook series.
It should work properly.


16.07.2010, 21:04
Many thanks PauPau. You know I had given up all hope, my post was the last resort.

My fault was including "Toshiba NB200 " in all searches.

There is nothing now I would miss from the WXP times. :)

By the way, I would recommend Win7 to everone. It is definitely the best OS from MS.

All the best...

16.07.2010, 21:07
Great I could help you manů.