View Full Version : NB100 - screen goes black afater 5min of usage

28.06.2010, 12:19
I have a NB100 notebook with a very strange problem. I start up the notebook and start working, no problem there.
But after 5 minutes or so, the screen goes black and the only thing left possible is to turn off the notebook.

After that I start it again, but all stays black and you can do nothing with the notebook.
The lights of the battery, the wifi and the power led are lit, but that is it.

Even more strange: I first have the let the battery of the notebook run empty.
When it is empty, and ac power is connected, than the notebook will start up again, but again only for 5 minutes and all the rest described here above.

The notebook is used only 1 week before this problem occured, but was badly enough purchased more then a year ago, so no more warranty (or what did you think :s)

So I realy hope somebody can help me out here!

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards, Steve.

28.06.2010, 14:37

I have had an similar problem with my non-Toshiba notebook.
The issue was related to an graphic card driver…
I have no clue why this happened but after graphic card driver the screen worked properly… no black outs anymore…

I think you should check the graphic chip and should update the graphic card driver…
I recommend using driver from Intel page if you have an Intel GPU…
The drivers from Intel page are newer…

Furthermore you should check if the BIOS is up to date…
If an newer BIOS version is available, check if you could update this…

28.06.2010, 14:41
I will try this and keep you informed.
Thank you for the reply!

Best regards, Steve.

28.06.2010, 15:21
I cannot get the notebook started anymore.
When pressing the power button, the on led is lit, but that's it.
So I cannot even test anything.

What can I do now???