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26.06.2010, 17:09
Hello, I have a NB 100 with upgraded BIOS. I read that in such a case, the RAM can be extended up to 2 GB. Is it right? And if the answer is yes, what kind of RAM am I supposed to buy?

Thank you

26.06.2010, 17:24

According to this specification:


standard : 1,024 MB
maximum expandability : 1,024 MB
technology : DDR2 RAM (667 MHz)

It supports DDR2 (maximum expandability : 1,024 MB). By the way, what's the Short Model No of your netbook?

26.06.2010, 17:55

Itís depending on your chipset and BIOS how much RAM is supported...

What NB100 you have exactly?


26.06.2010, 17:57
NB100-12M serial no 19226719Q

26.06.2010, 18:02
I have found Toshiba NB100 -12M


Installed RAM [MB] 1024 MB
Max RAM [MB] 1024 MB
Configuration 1 x 1 GB

As you see, 1gb maximum supported

26.06.2010, 18:08
ok, thank you. I'm wondering why someone says that with tha last BIOS (sept. 2009) we can upgrade to 2 GB!

Ok, ty again. Very kind guys :)

26.06.2010, 18:22

According the specifications on the Toshiba website, it can only be upgraded to 1GB RAM maximum.

So 1GB is enough.

28.06.2010, 15:34
I have found this article:

Link: [http://www.pbcomp.com.au/toshiba-nb100-notebook.html]

Although it doesn't say 12M specifically, I found my model has the same processor and FSB (533mhz).

On the base of the article, the 1 GB limit is the one Microsoft sets for definition of a Netbook and their supply of the XP licensed media. Thus the 1 GB unit should be replaced by a 2GB one.

28.06.2010, 15:54
> Although it doesn't say 12M specifically, I found my model has the same processor and FSB (533mhz).

I don't know much about NB100 models but borrow from someone memory modules and check if it works. Then, let's know ;)

06.07.2010, 08:49
Done!!!!!!! My NB100 is working with 2GB RAM, correctly detected by both Windows Xp sp 3 and Ubuntu 10.04! I'm wondering why Toshiba still writes in the tech. sheet thet the max. RAM for NB100 is 1GB.