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23.06.2010, 11:42

first sorry for my english:)
Second i have problem with instaling win xp on nb 305...

Toshiba already have drivers for xp on support page that is amazing but if you trying install win xp from usb flash disk you will stop on classic blue dead screen... I need drivers for sata hdd for ICH7 controller ok i download it and create special custom win xp in nlite ...

I was integrate SP3 and the ICH7 drivers and create boot usb... The install was start but after copy files process the computer restart to continue install in graphic mode... and than if the computer trying to boot from hdd its problem with compabiliti hdd and boot proces discontinued :(

Can you please tell me where is the problem? :)

23.06.2010, 12:57

On the Toshiba European driver page you can find the Intel Storage Manger.
This Intel Storage Manger v8.9.0.1023 contains the needed SATA drivers!

Check this package!

23.06.2010, 13:53
Thx :) but this is windows install package, which can you install after instaling windows, this package doesn´t have any useable sata drivers which i need for instaling xp

23.06.2010, 13:55

Normally as MasterG wrote you can download all drivers for your notebook and Windows XP. The driver package is called “Intel Storage Manager”. You have to unpack the driver files by running the downloaded file.

The forum contains already 100 threads or more about this so you should search a little bit. I believe everything regarding XP and SATA drivers is already answered and last but not least here are two interesting articles:

23.06.2010, 14:57
Normally doesnt work the file about we talking is WINDoWS install package not including any drivers after unpack... after unpack you can see only files like setup etc. this is a software design for install in windows!!! Now i found something on intel.com which have file like iaAhci and iaSTOR, i will try it... but my problem isn´t in including drivers in nlite i did it but the drivers doesnt work.. i need someone who have xp on nb305 and tell me which drivers AHCI use for install... 1st install i use some drivers which i found somewhere.. I hope that the original intel drivers will working