View Full Version : Running Too Slowly For Skype

22.05.2010, 21:22
We have a 1 month old NB300 with 1 gb standard. When trying to use Skype (battery or mains) Skype indicates that computer is running slowly. We can hear people from other end but our conversation fades out. This also happens on the Skpe test. All other programs are closed & switched to high performance.
Any suggestions? Will buying another gb of hard drive help. Running Windows 7 starter. Thanks

23.05.2010, 20:00

Personally, i never used Windows 7 starter. But as I know, skype doesn't require much Cpu resource to run. The 1 gb installed memory is pretty enough to run it. Have you tried to use the previous Skype versions?

24.05.2010, 00:27
Thanks Jeka. I am suspicious it may be the free wireless connections we are using at the hotels/b&b's where we have stayed. Will check again as we move on.

24.05.2010, 07:54
By the way, I think you are right. Because the wifi signal is unstable at hotel, you have audio problem.