View Full Version : NB200 sound is non existant

21.05.2010, 23:00
I love most things about this laptop (apart from the seriously tempormental touchpad..) but what were Toshiba thinking when it came to the sound? At max volume it is still quiet beyond believe and if you have anything in the background ie a TV then forget about hearing anything. it really irks me how quiet it is.

26.05.2010, 15:52
Yes, these small notebooks don't have powerful speakers and are pretty quiet.
Have you tried to use headset when other devices are running in the background?

26.05.2010, 16:24
you are right, it's a netbook and doesn't have powerful speakers. As the solution to get external computer speakers.


Edmund Dorf
26.05.2010, 16:27
I agree, the sound volume is not very good even at maximum. Try a set of ear phones, it helps a little.