View Full Version : NB305 - Issues moving large volume of files..

17.05.2010, 15:21

I recently bought the NB305 and atemted to move approx 1800 files... 1) from external hard drive to C drive and 2) c drive to walkman... both time ended in disaster and seemed to only copy about 100 random files then gave up...

any thoughts ??

20.05.2010, 07:18
Perhaps the Cable is faulty. Have you tried another cable?

20.05.2010, 08:41
Hi Lord_Numpty,

Have you tested another HDD on your NB305?
You should also test another cable, I assume your external HDD has an USB port so please try another USB cable.

How do you connect your walkman? Can you test another cable too?

20.05.2010, 16:00

Thanks for your responce..

HDD: Im using the same cable that i used to move the files from my Satelite laptop (XP) on to the HDD and that worked fine. I also tried two UBS ports on the NB305 and both with failure..

The way i had to do it was to move the files in smaller chunks..

As for the walkman it worked on the satelite and other Pc's fine..