View Full Version : 4 partitions on NB200 ?!

04.05.2010, 03:12
Hi everyone,

I'm using a Toshiba NB200 (7 Starter) and I wanted to install Ubuntu.
When I checked the partitions I was very surprise to see no fewer than 4 partitions !

A 1.5 GB boot partition.
My system partition 210 GB.
Another extended partition of 12 GB containing recovery data, that's weird.
The recovery partition 8 GB.

The system and recovery partitions seem normal to me. I just don't understand why I have another boot partition (maybe for the recovery program ?) and another 12 GB partition. Was my netbook used before ?

Below some screenshots.


Another question : Which partition do I have to clone before erasing everything ? What free software is the best to do that kind of stuff ?

Thank you :)

10.05.2010, 01:42
Rather than cloning the partitions, just create the Recovery Discs using the Toshiba Recovery Disc Creator (there should be an Icon on the Desktop or in the Start Menu).

11.05.2010, 12:10
Okay, so I don't need the 3 other partitions ?

I have a Toshiba Recovery Media Creator, I'll give it a try, thank you :)

12.05.2010, 13:12

make a recovery disk if you haven't made yet and remove the unnecessary partitions.