View Full Version : Tecra 500 CDT wont start. Please Help with CPR

16.07.2005, 11:48
Hi all,

I have an old Tecra 500 CDT which, up until yesterday, worked fabulously. Now for some reason it will not start at all. Not matter how long one pushes the start button on the side for, it does not show any sign of life at all. It has been hot here lately so I wonder if it is suffering "heat exhaustion"! Seriously though, any clues as to what might have caused this problem and how to overcome it would be greatly appreciated. It has been used a lot more lately than usual and for hours on end. Is that likely to have contributed to it giving up the ghost?

Hope someone out there can help.


16.07.2005, 17:29

I think there must be a hardware problem. I don't know the exact reason, maybe only the start button is defect. If you don't have experience in repairing electronic devices, you can only take the machine to service. But I'm not sure if this is profitable.


17.07.2005, 01:07
Hi Sam
thanks for your reply. I figured there was some sort of hardware problem but as the machine is out of warranty I also wondered about practicality of service. Also not sure where to take it for service.

Is it likely that continued use in high temperature has caused this problem? Where could I get it looked at?


Mannerhagen Tom
18.07.2005, 09:28

Can you tell me about the LED's on the fron of the machine. When you just plug it in, which LED's are lit? When You try turning it on, which LED's are lit/blinking? Please look at them when turning on the machine and tell me what happens.



19.07.2005, 13:04

Thanks for your reply

There are two green lights on the front of the notebook which are lit when one plugs in the mains cable, they are the lights for the cable and the battery, ie the furthest left one and the furthest right one.. That is all that happens when you plug the machine in. If I push the start button on the side nothing happens at all. I wondered whether it might be that the battery has absolutely no charge in it, as it is so old, but then it would start from the mains surely!

Over to you.


Mannerhagen Tom
19.07.2005, 13:33

You're absolutely right about that. If there was no battery at all installed, the PC would run from mains.
So tell me, does the power-button feel different now compared to before? There is a possibility that the lock for it has been activated and that could be the reason why it does not start. Check around the power-button and you will find the locking mechanism. Check that it is not locked.

Good luck.


21.07.2005, 23:53
Hi Tom
Thanks for your reply. The on button does not feel any different really. There is also no lock mechanism that I can see near that button. I remain mystified.

Any other clues?

22.07.2005, 12:06
Hi Dominic,

It would seem that your notebook has developed a hardware fault, either with the actual on/off switch itself or with the PSU internally. I think your only course of action now is to contact a service partner and ask them to quote a price for it to be repaired.

best of luck,

29.07.2005, 16:45
Just to update you all. I got it working again by removing the battery and pushing the reset button then holding the start button in for thirty seconds which reset all the voltages. I then reinstalled the battery and pushed on button and hey presto.
In the excitement, I thought I would take it downstairs to test the wireless pcmcia and in disconnecting the printer cables etc and moving it - I dropped it!