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29.03.2010, 13:20
Hi every one,
I have a NB200-10Z, when i bought it, I remember it was impossible to upgrade up 2Mo. I saw in forum and doc's it is possible. It seems the limitation was done by software (agreement Toshiba/microsoft I guess).
What is the update for this point? Is it possible now? How to do it to crack the limit if ther is one ?

Thank you for your answer.


29.03.2010, 13:41
I found info that compatible RAM for your notebook is also 2 GB RAM with part number PA3669U-1M2G so I think it can be listed as compatible if the RAM can be upgraded up to 2 GB.

29.03.2010, 13:45

RAM upgrade does not depend on software!!!

If the chipset and BIOS is able to handle 2GB RAM then you will be able to upgrade the notebook to 2GB RAM!

As far as I know the notebook support the Mobile Intel(R) 945GSE Express Chipset
Check this Intel page:
2GB RAM is possible!!!

The memory slot should be placed at the bottom of the unitů check the user manual for details!


29.03.2010, 16:34
Thank you, for the answer.
I will try.

Thank you