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28.03.2010, 14:35

I have a NB200 and I know that it isn't made to play games on it, but still I just want to check if it can runs an old PC game (Diablo 2). So I would like to know if my graphic card could support that old game.

If someone knows, I would like to know what type is my graphic card and the numbers (sorry I don't know the exact term) that we need to know when we're checking in the back of a game's case.

Thank you in advance.

28.03.2010, 16:06
Hi Olman,

The NB200 isnít designed for gaming or with other words the opposite of a gaming notebook. So this notebook is perfect for mobile usage, Internet/Office with long battery working time.

I assume you can play older games or letís say pretty old games. Diablo 2 is pretty old, it should run on it. Just check the system requiremtents of the game and compare it with your NB200. :)

28.03.2010, 16:11
Yeah, I've checked the graphics requirements and it says: video card compatible with Direct X. Do you know if it is with the one on the NB 200?

Thank you for answering ;)

28.03.2010, 16:20
As far as I know the NB200 is equipped with Intel GMA 950 graphic card. That means you can check the specifications here:

As you can read it supports DirectX and hardware features up to DirectX 9. :)

28.03.2010, 16:45
Thank you very much ;) Very helpful!!!