View Full Version : Does the NB305 have a mini PCI-E slot?

28.03.2010, 05:17
I have an NB305 (PLL3AA-01E009) I purchased from HN about 3 months ago.

I have just read with interest on Whirlpool where a guy pulled apart his Aircard 880U and retrofitted the mini pci-e card contained within into his 'Dell' laptop.

As my NB305 has a light for WWAN (on the front), but no hardware, I'm wondering if it has the pci-e slot where I too may be able to fit this card?

I have checked the specs, and no pci-e slot is listed - but the light on the front gives me hope!


01.04.2010, 21:35
The light in the front doesn’t mean much. Important is compatibility and prepared hardware (slot, antenna).
If I understand you right this guy you write about has probably modified his notebook. What do you want to modify on your notebook?

If you want to use this AirCard 880U check USB version of this card.

07.04.2010, 14:44
hi mave2911,
yes there is light at the end of the tunnel! make sure that it isnt a train!

you are comparing a toshiba with a dell...
and sure you can modify your machine - you lose warranty but hey who cares...

and not all the hardware existing will fit into your machine...
do you have a link to that "modification"?