View Full Version : NB100 - Wont turn on

16.03.2010, 23:05
Had my NB100 for about 7 months now, worked fine all that time. I left it off for a few days, then plugged the charger in and now it will not turn on at all.

The charging button flashes green but no other ones light up.


17.03.2010, 07:48
Try removing the Battery and AC, and holding the power button down for 15 seconds to drain any remaining power, then turn it on. (or maybe even leave it without power overnight)

Also check that the RAM is inserted properly, maybe its come loose or someone played around with it.

If still no go, then it may need to be serviced by an ASP.

17.03.2010, 11:34

I agree with the user above. Just follow the posted instructions and hope it will turn on again properly. :)

In worst case itís a hardware malfunction (mainboard or something else). You should contact an authorized service provider for help. They can check your notebook and repair it.

18.03.2010, 22:35
No still doesn't work
Guess ill have to call them up,
Anybody got the free contact number, I'm in the UK


23.03.2010, 15:52
I have the same thing thought the AC adaptor but it wasn`t because I`ve tried another one.

Anyone from Toshiba can tell us what is wrong & what to do !!

Thank you in advance.


23.03.2010, 17:03
Hi Iraq

This is user to user forum and if you want to talk with Toshiba people about this either call hotline or contact nearest authorized service provider.

I am afraid this issue is for service.