View Full Version : NB100 - Toshiba Eco Utility

14.03.2010, 21:17
How to run Eco Utility on NB100? I want to know how much power require my netbook. This useful tool will be very helpful. Toshiba Health Monitor too. But they exist only for NB200/NB300 and do not wants to install on NB100 with error "Unsupported BIOS".

NB200 have same CPU, chipset like NB100.

Anyone know how to run? Or advice utility for meter power consumption, please.

15.03.2010, 11:30
If you NB200 or NB300 users. Please pack and upload directory with Eco Utility *installed* to any filehosting. Thank you.

24.03.2010, 03:43
Hmm I dont think the NB100 supports the Eco Utility. I would imagine the BIOS needs to have Eco support built in.

24.03.2010, 16:25
It is possible. Eco Utility just read battery's controller data and show it as graph and log to history.

Any other programs, like BatteryCare, BatteryInfo, BatterBar, etc can show battery info on NB100. Why Eco Utility will not?