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03.03.2010, 20:04
Dear All

I bought a Toshiba Mini Netbook NB 200-122 recently, i tried to use all the power options (full power)...still battery is showing 15% (charging) even though i kept it charging for one day under hibernation mode....(when connected to the power unit).

Other laptops would charge fully 100% when connected to the power unit for a single day....

why the netbook battery is slow or not charging proper ?....
Or some other options with it.....Or have to drain the battery fully and use it....

Could anyone suggest me some tips on it..


regards Shreyas

05.03.2010, 06:27
The battery should charge to 100% if left on AC for a few hours. Try updating the BIOS since a BIOS update can sometimes fix battery related issues.

Note that when the unit is in Hibernation with the battery disconnected, it will still drain a bit of power. Especially if USB Sleep and Charge is enabled, and the Wake On LAN/Keyboard settings are enabled.

05.03.2010, 11:05
Hi Shreyas,

I agree with the user above. You should try a BIOS update that you can find on the Toshiba website. Before you apply it, close all running programs also your antivirus and firewall and make sure that you are logged in as administrator.

In worst case you battery is damaged or some cells of it. You can get a replacement part from an authorized service provider.

09.03.2010, 06:59
Thanks for your suggestion, today i will try with this option and see whether it would help me.