View Full Version : NB 100 cancelled xp install halfway now stuck

26.02.2010, 14:57
My daughters nb100 netbook had ubuntu or whatever it is on it, she was having probs so i said i know nothing about ubuntu it i'll put xp on.

Got my old xp disk (got lots of licences it an old corporate one from work) and slipstreamed service pack 3 onto it thinking that would save time when its loaded, put it onto a usb drive and followed a guide on how to do it but...

It got to the point where i have to put in the license key, it wouldn't accept it so i did some research and found some people have problems with their serials when slipstreaming. So i used same usb method this time with just my original cd on the usb. Only as i cancelled the installation first time around when i load up (i want to format and start the installation again) it starts to loads files from the blue screen but shortly after goes directly into 'loading windows' where i get a blue screen error.

How can i get the xp installation to install all its files again so i can reformat and try out the install again when it bypasses the part where it goes to the format blue screen.

I'm really stuck, can i reformat another way to scrap all the files i installed initially so i can reinstall fresh again?


26.02.2010, 18:08

Hmm…. that’s strange…
Does the Win XP CD contain SP2?

Please also ensure that SATA driver (part of the Intel Storage Manager) has been included into the Win XP CD.
The Intel Storage Manager can be found on the Toshiba European driver page…

Otherwise you should try to boot from the USB CD/DVD drive and should check if this would help to reinstall the Win XP…


26.02.2010, 19:04
Its the original xp pro so guess its service pack 0 or 1

Like i said i did try to incorporate service pack 3 but then it asked for my usual serial and that appeared to not be valid so decided to try with the standard copy of xp i have

Tried a whole load of ways and each time it give option of 1) Text or 2) GUI - tried both and blue screen comes up, loads some files quickly and proceeds to 'load windows' followed by bsod.

I've downloaded ubuntu and put that on the netbook to see if i could somehow install another OS and then retry XP again but no it still goes to bsod.

I'm not sure how i incorporate the SATA driver you have mentioned to the bootable xp usb i'm using, when the usual xp loads it does say push f6 (i think) to load some driver or something maybe its that, its very odd that first time around i get to the part where i have to say my preference for keyboard etc and get to input serial and yet i try again and get nowhere near that stage