View Full Version : BSOD on NB200-10Z while installing Win XP

07.02.2010, 02:52
Hi guys,

I am having problem to install XP on my new netbook nb200-10z. When I boot from USB after the message "Windows is starting" I get the blue screen of death.

I have SATA contoller mode turned to Compatibilty. I have downladed NB200 SATA drivers, extracted them, integrated them into Win installation with nLite, but still no result.

Where am I getting wrong.
Please help. I am missing something for sure but what....

Thanks in advance...

09.02.2010, 10:57

09.02.2010, 16:25
Thank you for feedback, but how did you solve your problem?

Normally if you change SATA controller mode from AHCI to Compatibility you donít need an additional driver.

10.02.2010, 18:31
The problem was in bootable USB drive I think. It is important how You make the bootable USB drive. The process of making bootable USB drive is important. I was using WinToFlash and did not succeeded, My friend gave me the bootable USB drive made in another program he can not remember what is it's name and then I have succeeded. And one more thing about Wireless not working on WinXp, it is needed to install HotKeys for display devices and the problem is solved...