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06.02.2010, 10:08
My NB200 supports 3G, so I inserted a twin SIM card in it and it's working fine. The GPS is also working fine and gives me the coordinates of the spot where I am. However, as stated in the user's manual, there is no navigation software installed.

What would be an appropriate software to install on the netbook? Doing a research shows me applicatons for mobile phones and dedicated GPS devices.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


11.02.2010, 17:54
As far as I know Toshiba doesn’t offer any navigation software so you must check which navigation applications are available for usage with notebooks.
Visit some forums where you can read experiences of people who use this and make a decision which one is the best for you.

Every of us have some specific criteria for this stuff and my favourite program must not be the right one for you.
If you make decision please let us know which one you want to use. I believe you are the first one with this question and it will be interesting to read something about your experiences with 3G, GPS and navigation using laptop.

12.02.2010, 00:27
Microsoft has two titles you could use....

Streets and Trips and MapPoint



Streets is more consumer and MapPoint is more business focused....

Here is long list of others....




12.02.2010, 13:29
Many thanks for the info jnjroach, for the valuable info.

I downloaded the huge installer file for MS Streets & Trips but before installing it I went to their forum and asked 2 questions: 1) whether the SW would work on my netbook with the internal GPS receiver, and 2) whether Turkey is included in the coverage area in Europe. If at least the first issue is confirmed, I'll install it. I could use it in Germany and Switzerland, where I frequently visit.