View Full Version : NB200 - Can I change the OS?

27.01.2010, 11:35

I have a Toshiba NB200 and Windows 7 starter.

I would like to change the operating system and there wanted to know which I can install in this mini portatil. Also if on having changed the operating system the guarantee gets lost.

Thank you for all!

27.01.2010, 13:10
Hey buddy,

Why you want to change the OS?
In my opinion Windows 7 Starter is great for this netbook. Windows 7 is newest OS and the Starter Edition is designed for such netbooks.

Of course you can install what you want and you will not loose the warranty if you install another one but Windows 7 is really good!!!

05.03.2010, 07:45
Windows 7 would be the best OS, but if you dont like it, then Windows XP would be the best alternative (there are XP drivers available for the NB200 on the Toshiba Website). Windows Vista would be too slow on an Atom CPU.

15.04.2010, 16:24
You can change the OS but it would depend on your reasons as to weather its a good idea. If you are looking to upgrade the OS to a higher version then its relatively painless. You can also downgrade to XP but you might as well have bought the previous version in the first place - there is a lot to Windows 7 and it is a great OS. I upgraded from starter edition to 7 professional on my NB200-12N and it was a noticeably better - however, there was a problem. The toshiba flash cards have stopped working properly which means when you press Fn and F8 to turn on Wi-fi (or similar), nothing happens. I have not yet found a fix. So in other words, you can, but unless you really need to there isn't much point and you might cause more problems than you solve. Keep that in mind whatever you choose to do. Good luck. W.