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15.01.2010, 22:39

I tried to connect my NB200-10Z to my LCD TV using a VGA-DVI plug. Now I connected my DVI cable to the plug and then the TV.

For some reason the TV is not recognized by the netbook. I tried the FN+F5 button and it only shows the lcd - related to the netbook display.

I thought perhaps I need a display driver update, but it seems I have the latest version (

Rebooted the system as well, no effect.

I used to have my other laptop connected to this TV before, so the problem must be with this netbook.

Any idea's??

Appreciate your thoughts...



16.01.2010, 01:48
Are you running XP or Windows 7 starter edition? With Windows XP right click on a blank spot on the desktop and click properties and click on the resolution tab and there you can set the second monitor, sometime you'll have to use the icon next to the clock which is the intel video properties to extend the monitor....

If you are unning Windows 7 Starter it does not support Extended Monitors only mirroring...



16.01.2010, 10:55
Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm running Windows XP sp3.

Tried this option you mentioned already, but no luck unfortunately.

Is there anyone who has already succesfully done what I'm trying to do? (this way at least I know it is possible
and will keep trying).

So just a recap:

VGA output on NB200
VGA to DVI converter
DVI cable to TV (max 720p res)

I was considering a resolution incompatibility, but the NB200 allows any resolution output on the second monitor (at least in the settings it allows me to go upto 2048 x 1536)

Any other thoughts?

Thanks in advance.


16.01.2010, 19:30
Does you LCD TV have a VGA connector on the back? I have an older Toshiba Laptop (M110) that uses the same video that the NB200 uses connected to by 37" LCD connected to a VGA connector, max resolution is 1024x768...

I would remove the VGA to DVI from the mix to see if that fixes it...



28.01.2010, 21:35
I dont know if this works on windows XP, but on later versions, if you press 'windows key + p' on the netbook, it should bring up a small window which allows you to change the output - could just be that it isn't outputting right.

11.04.2010, 17:13

I have got exactly the same issue (with the same symptoms) with my NB200.
The computer doesn't seem to recognize the external monitor (HP vs 17) whereas it is working with an another laptop.

According to the Windows assistant, it could be linked to BIOS, but the only update available in the Toshiba website is made for OS and not for XP.

I tried to install another version of the Graohic Card driver (Mobile Inter 945 Express Chipset Family) but without any success, I have got apparently the latest version customized for the laptop (with the same number as yours (

It would be really helpfull if someone had an idea how to solve that problem.

Thank You


12.04.2010, 10:34
Hi Simon,

"Good" to hear I am not alone in this.

In fact I recently bought an NB305 and also am not able to connect this to my TV. (like you I too was used to connecting another laptop to my screen - hence the DVI cable).

The windows+p button did not do anything for me. The TV recognizes that something is connected as it goes into a sort of "waiting" mode - and says "disconnected" once I disconnect the cable again, so I believe it is a software issue.

On the NB305 there is a very nice software manager that ensures you have the latest version of all your software. Not sure what could be the problem.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
(PS: the TV doesn't have a VGA input)

In the meantime I will try connecting to another TV.

Thanks in advance,


14.04.2010, 18:54

I finally installed a new version of BIOS, but without any results.

I started thinking that it was a disfunction of my VGA port, but after reading your post, I think that the only thing left as you said must be a software issue. Probably related to the drivers of the graphics that are not possible to update apparently...

I don't know if removing them in order to install another version just after, would be working.
First time I have this kind of issue, so I am not used to fix it.

I don't know for the NB305, but the NB200 is definitely too small to work all the time on it without becoming a bit more short-sighted every days than the day before

Any idea from a forum admin ?



15.07.2010, 23:35
Hi Richard,

I have found a solution, and it is working quite well !

An USB VGA External Adapter

Like those :

I have got this one : http://www.pearl.fr/cables/cables-informatiques/usb/adaptateur-usb-2_0-svga_TG1076.html
And everything is working fine for now.

Quite expensive though, but I won't go blind...

Good Luck