View Full Version : NB200 Windows 7 Fn key not working with ESC and F1 to F8 keys

19.12.2009, 16:55
I recently bought a Toshiba NB200-136 and everything worked fine.

Flash cards on top/bottom of the screen work with Space, ESC and F1 to F8 keys, the rest of function buttons work without showing the cards. Lately the cards stopped showing and I cannot use the Fn + Space, ESC, F1-F8 keys (there's just no reaction), though the rest of buttons work with Fn and the LED is always lit when the Fn is pressed.

I reset Flash Cards, checked and changed their settings few times and they work only if I choose 'Allow the mouse to bring up the cards' option. Even then they don't appear when I press Fn and the functions work only when I click one of the cards.

The problem appeared after (though I'm not sure if immediately) such situation:
I clicked Start -> Shut down and closed the lid. When I opened it the next morning I saw an empty list of programs that wouldn't shut down (it happens quite often, but it's off top). I clicked 'Cancel' or 'Force shut down' but it didn't work so I pressed the Power Button for 5 secs to turn the computer off. I noticed the Fn problem after turning it on and it didn't disappear after resets.

I think the problem appeared before but disappeared after reset so I ignored it.

I'll be thankful for your help.

Edmund Dorf
19.12.2009, 17:37
Any time that you force Windows to stop instead of letting it shut down normally (sometimes you have to shut it off), you may have lost clusters of data that interfere with the proper operation of Windows. So I suggest you start up and run scandisk and make sure you check the box for fixing problems. The other box doesn't need to be checked unless you suspect bad sectors on the hard drive and it takes a long time so I recommend only checking the one box for finding and fixing errors.

Let us know if this worked and the problem is fixed.

Good luck.

19.12.2009, 18:42
Well, before I did the checkdisk I reset my computer for the 3^rd^ time after the problem appeared and it works now. Then I did the chkdsk and it still works :)

So I still don't know the cause of the problem and how to fix it if it appears again, I'll let you know if that happens.


19.12.2009, 20:30
It stopped working again, while I just was using basic applications...

31.12.2009, 20:12
The question is answered but the answer didn't solve the problem.

11.01.2010, 22:16
Does anyone have any idea for a solution of my problem?

My flash cards work just... sometimes (for some time after not every restart) and it's really annoying as it's hard to work without these functions.

Help me please.

16.02.2010, 10:39
There is a Sequence of installing the drivers for NB200.

1. First of all install all the hardware drivers including bluetooth.

2. Windows Hotkey utility

3. Toshiba Value Added Package (TVAP)

4. Toshiba PC Health Monitor/Toshiba eco Utility ....

Ahmmad Ismail

16.02.2010, 10:46
Let me give you the links also...

Other Drivers:

Hotkey Utility:

Best Regards,

13.04.2010, 14:48
Well, thank you very much for your help.

I followed your link and found out that there's no thing like Hotkey Utility in Toshiba NB200, there's Flash Cards Utility, I reinstalled the driver of it and it doesn't work anyway.

Does anybody have the same problem?