View Full Version : Toshiba NB200 monitor resolution vs photography editing software

Vasco Neves
15.12.2009, 04:04

I'm thinking to buy a Toshiba NB200. The maximum screen resolution is 1024x600. I worj in photography and use Photoshop CS4 and/or Lightroom 2.5, both need 1024x800 minimum resolution. If I use this program in Toshiba NB200 it will make interpolation and pixel (re-)calculation, right? There is a solution, or what photo software do you recommend to use with Toshiba NB200?

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Vasco Neves from Portugal

22.12.2009, 14:59

I’m not a photographer but maybe you can use Photoshop on an external monitor where you can choose a higher screen resolution.
Check this!!!

Alternative you can use “GIMP”. As far as I know there is no minimum screen resolution.

08.03.2010, 00:33
Isn't a 10" screen a bit too small for photo editing?. An external monitor would be recommended