View Full Version : NB200-12W won't wake from sleep mode

10.12.2009, 00:08
I have only had my netbook for a couple of days so I'm not quite used to it yet though I'm well used to Windows 7 . I close the lid to turn on sleep mode but then it's difficult to wake the computer up. I often have to hold down the power switch to force a shut down and then reboot. Not something I want to do.
I have a USB mouse plugged in and I've enabled the USB wake up facility but nothing works. I open the lid and press keys, including trying a quick press of the power button but nothing happens. Has anyone any ideas?


14.12.2009, 16:24
Hi mate

I wake up mu notebook from hibernation mode pressing the power button.
I donít need to force the shut down. Just shortly press the power button in order to wake up the unit.

In your case I recommend checking if a BIOS update is possible.
You should check what version is available on the notebook and what version has been released. If newer version is available then update it!

08.03.2010, 00:41
Did you install a printer or another external device? Their drivers may be causing the problem. Ensure you install Win7 drivers, not Vista or XP drivers.