View Full Version : NB100 - How to activate internal fan?

07.12.2009, 14:04

I installed Windows 7 and downloaded VAP, it's working fine.
my question is: how to activate the internal fan? since it was replaced by (Fn+F8) "balanced and power saver" after installing VAP.

need help as i can feel the heat inside.

12.12.2009, 18:07

Normally the fan will be activated automatically and you canít change any options regarding the fan.

But if you have installed Windows 7 and Toshiba Value Added Package you should check the Windows power management. There you can change the cooling method for each profile and battery / power supply.

If you choose maximum performance, the fan will operate more often but the notebook isnít getting hot.

08.03.2010, 00:39
Install the Toshiba Value Added Package for NB100 Win7, but I doubt that will make a difference. The fan is usually controlled by the mainboard (firmware).

23.03.2010, 10:41
I am also having problems with my internal fan. Isn't it that this should be activated automatically? I tried googling this scenario but I can't seem to find any solution to it. I also tried to call the customer service hotline but the line is always busy and I don't have the luxury of time to wait for them for hours. I hope anybody can help.

23.03.2010, 17:38
Yes. It should be controlled automatically and notebook user has no big influence on this.
If you think there is some problem with it don't call Toshiba hotline but nearest Toshiba authorized service provider.
They can help you with hardware issues.

24.03.2010, 09:16
@Timox: thanks. my NB100 is still under warranty so i hope they will fix the problem with my fan for free. will have look for the nearest authorized dealer then.