View Full Version : Can I downdgrade an NB200-12W from Windows 7 to XP Pro

24.11.2009, 19:23
I'm looking to purchase an NB200-12W for the bigger Hard drive, however I need to be running XP Pro in order to link into my company domain (active directory) Can I downgrade to XP Pro (I have a full copy of XP Pro)or will I have problems?

Edmund Dorf
24.11.2009, 21:52
You could do a dual boot install so you have both selectable at boot time. That's what I did but in reverse since XP was already installed. I created two new partitions, D and E. XP is on C, Windows 7 is on D, and all my data files, music, movies, etc. is on E. I did this with the utilities on the Hiren's boot CD. I created a bootable thumb drive and installed the Hiren's files on it.

Since Windows 7 was installed first, installing XP will overwrite the Windows 7 boot sector. To restor the computer to dual boot both OSs, you would have to then start a reinstall of Windows 7 until you get to the repair option. Then select repair boot and it will fix the boot sector so that you can select either Windows 7 or XP.

Let us know what you decided to do and how it worked out.

08.03.2010, 01:17
XP will run fine, ensure the Disc has at least Service Pack 2.

You may need to set SATA to "COMPATIBILITY" Mode in the BIOS, or use an F6 SATA Driver on a Floppy Disk during the XP installation.