View Full Version : Track pad not working Satellite Pro L300

24.11.2009, 00:07

The power pack for my laptop stopped working the other day. I tried changing the fuse but no change.

I have not bought a new power pack and my laptop is now charging but the track pad doesn't work when the power is plugged in but it does work while the laptop is running on battery.

I have tried re-installing the driver and i have also re-installed the value added pack.

Any ideas????

24.11.2009, 10:55

Maybe this would sound strange but I read here in the forum about very strange touchpad issues…
the touchpad didn’t work properly if the AC adaptor was connected…
The user has solved this using new AC adaptor…

To be honest, I’m not quite sure where is the connection between the AC adaptor and touchpad issue but I think that new AC adaptor could solve your issue…

02.12.2009, 00:45
Will try another power pack but seems strange as this is a new power pack