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18.11.2009, 01:19
HI, i'm from portugal and my english is not very good.

The question is, i bough the model nb200-12r with the 6 cell battery and i charge the battery until turns green the led of the battery, now i turn off the netbook for a night and when i turn on again the battery down about 10/15% just pass the night and the night after that the battery down again 15%. The battery in use is up to 4 hours at last and the battery is always on toshiba ECO mode.

Is this normal or i have the battery break (mal funtion)?

Thanks for the answer

Edmund Dorf
18.11.2009, 01:48
Hi I am from the USA and my Portugese is very poor. In fact i don't speak a word of Portugese. But since we both speak English, let me give my opinion.

The amount of battery charge decrease during the night does not seem too high. A new battery might need to be charged and then allowed to discharge several times before it reaches its full capacity to hold a charge. i understand it is a chemical reaction that takes place. It would be expensive for the battery manufacturer to do this and easier to let the customer do it after purchase. It takes about 3 full cycles of discharging and charging for the battery to have its full capacity.

Perhaps other members have some thoughts about this.

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18.11.2009, 11:42

Check the BIOS settings for USB Sleep & Charge and if it is enabled disable and try.

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18.12.2009, 10:59
Hi, if your battery can work without ac adapter for a long time, there should be no problem with the battery. Should be something wrong with the laptop setting.
Otherwise, there should be something wrong with the battery and you might need to find a replacement battery.